Enrolling children 3 -5 years of age

Cnr Abbott and Douglas Street Wallsend


Contact Us or wcps@bigpond.com

8.15am to 3.45pm Monday to Friday

Our Philosophy

UNDERPINNING: the foundation of our service provision is our long standing history in the local community, our established good practices, the commitment of staff, our relationships with families and the value and recognition we place on early childhood and young children.

NURTURING: to ensure a positive, collaborative, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, emphasis is placed on relationships and meaningful interactions providing children and families with respect, trust, support, warmth and affection. Our practises promote ongoing learning and the growth of hearts and minds. Providing a sense of belonging and comfort in nurturing environment. We encourage environmental awareness and the development of global citizens, active and informed. 

INCLUSION: we provide an inclusive environment for all children, families and staff. Respecting and encouraging each person’s interests, skills, abilities, learning styles and needs. We value and embrace diversity and equity, advocating for these and empowering people. This is supported through a commitment to networking, community partnerships and professional development.

The QUALITY of our service is visible in our sustained positive relationships and connections in the community, in our natural, stimulating environment, through educators professionalism, teamwork, communication, commitment to continuous improvement and reflective practice and in our play based, child centred program where each child can be themselves and contribute to experiences and where educators, children and families collaborate to develop learning environments.

UNDERSTANDING: we recognise every child as a unique, capable, creative individual, we respect the rights of each child to lifelong learning, to contribute in the context of their own family and community and to learn through meaningful play experiences. We believe staff are our greatest asset to the quality of the program and this is reflected through their intentional, responsive, spontaneous interactions with children and reflection and documentation of each child’s learning and growth – valuing children’s voices. We believe an authentic meaningful transition to school is where children have opportunities to gain confidence and knowledge to feel familiar and connected to the new setting and its people. Where we share information about each child so that continued learning is built on the foundations of early learning.

EMBEDDED: we strive to provide a unique service to children, families and the community. Embedded in our program and practices is our commitment to promoting the wellbeing, health and safety of each child. Our passion, pride and care we take in presenting an engaging, beautiful, meaningful learning environment for children. opportunities for children to develop their sense of agency and identity, encouraging participation and empowerment, sustainability, nurturing a respect and care for the natural world. Embracing the concepts of belonging, being and becoming for all children, families and staff and the great sense of joy, wonder, excitement and fun of childhood.