Enrolling children 3 -5 years of age

Cnr Abbott and Douglas Street Wallsend



8.15am to 3.45pm Monday to Friday


2020 Fees

The NSW Government commenced Start Strong funding reforms in 2017 to support access to Early Childhood education for more children across the state. Funding under Start Strong is based on 600 hour enrolments (equivalant to a  2 day position for the year)  . Participation in a quality Early Childhood education service for at least of 600 hours has been demonstrated through research to result in children who are more likely to enter school equipped with the emotional, social, and cognitive skills they need to engage in learning.

3 Year Olds4 and 5 Year OldsSubsidised Fee
Daily Fee$45 -(3rd day Fee N/A )$25 1st and 2nd Days (Limited 3rd Day Fee-$40 ) Your child must be 4 or 5 years on or before the 31st July this year$12 ( Limited 3rd Day Fee - $40)
Casual Day ( 60%of daily rate)$30 ( offered to enrolled children )$16 ( offered to enrolled children)$8 ( offered to enrolled children)