Enrolling children 3 -5 years of age

Cnr Abbott and Douglas Street Wallsend


Contact Us or wcps@bigpond.com

8.15am to 3.45pm Monday to Friday

Our Program

Wallsend Community Preschool provides a program that promotes and supports play as being at the centre of the learning process in the early years. Children learn by doing, by being involved, by engaging with others and through involvement with their environment.

Play that is underpinned by positive and responsive relationships enables a connection for children to explore, be empowered, discover, imagine, and develop ideas, interact and communicate. It provides opportunities for children to establish connections between their thinking and their actions which facilitates learning. Play based learning supports children’s knowledge, skills and competencies . 

Our program offers consistent learning experiences that are intentional, spontaneous and child initiated. The programs are based on careful professional knowledge, observations, interpretations and evaluations of each child and also within the context of the group. Every individual child’s interests, strengths, ideas, developmental progress and parent input is incorporated and valued.

Throughout the year educators will develop a personal portfolio for your child that contains a collection of documentation that reflects their progress of development and learning. This collection of documentation within the portfolio ensures that our curriculum decision making contributes to your child’s learning and progression toward their development outcomes in relation to their identity, community, wellbeing and confidence as learners and communicators .

Your child will be allocated with a focus educator to assist in providing children and families with a sense of stability, security and to promote a continuous relationship that can develop over time.

The service is committed to high staff qualifications, higher staff ratios to children and regular professional development to support the short and long term outcomes for children based on specific early childhood teaching practices that determine high quality care and education for young children.